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Janat Paris and Takano Shinjuku hosted a unique tea seminar for tea lovers to share time with the ‘Tea for Two’ caravan.


Founded in 1885 during the same year of Shinjuku Station, Takano Shinjuku has a long and unique story. Takano Shinjuku is the fruit specialists offering the best fruit experience to customers in terms of tasting and quality.


Tea seminar – April 12th


Janat Paris and Takano Shinjuku gathered tea lovers for a special Tea Seminar combining the best Janat Paris tea and the finest fruits of Takano.


The Janat Tea Sommelier taught to everyone that in order to brew a perfect cup of tea, it requires a special knowledge of tea grades, tea type and a control of the steps from water temperature to infusion time passing by boiling time.


The guests could enjoy the perfect combination of Janat ‘French Oak Tea’ and ‘Pomme d’Amour’ with the delightful strawberry cake, ranking number one in Takano.


Tea Seminar in Tokyo
Janat Paris Tea Seminar in Tokyo


Tea for Two Caravan – April 15 th


In front of Takano Shinjuku building, the yellow caravan of ‘Tea for Two’ animated Shinjuku busy streets on Saturday 15 th April sharing Janat Paris most popular tea to women, family and tourists.


Janat Paris team and Tea for Two supporters served 1,000 cup of tea spreading the humanity message of the project.

Janat Tea

Tea for Two Caravan


Janat Paris Tea for Two Caravan



Janat Tea for Two Caravan Janat caravan in front of Gucci Store Shinjuku,offering tea break to clients