Janat French Tea in tokyo

Mar 6 / General


【Journey through the Universe – Jeff Mills at Bunkamura Orchard Hall】


Janat TeaFemmes du Monde was held on 2/25 (Sun) at Shibuya Bunkamura Orchard Hall “Baku Kure! Presents Classic Feeling System 2nd Bullet – Co – sponsored the performance of DJ Jeff Mills x Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra x Conductor Andrea Battistoni entitled” Space and Time “. Reiko Yuyama is the navigator. Mr. Yuyama is supporting Janat (Janat Tea), woman support the activity of Femmes du Monde , Tea for Two.


A message from women working in tea plantations in Sri Lanka, which is a place of Femmes du Monde activity, at each table which was round as the image of a planet.

The theme of this collaboration event poster is: The Journey To The Moon Became An Overnight Night In The Universe With Tea Of The Main Visual Grilled Apple Flavor Tea “Pomme Damle” Behaved.


Baku Kure! Presents Jeff · Mills × Tokyo
Philharmonie – Symphony Orchestra × Battistoni Classic Experience System II – Space and Time Hours – http://www.promax.co.jp/bakucla/02/

Janat Jeffmills Event

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